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County Executive Joanie Mahoney Thanks County Legislature for Vote Approving Funding for the 'Loop the Lake' Trail

11/13/2012 -

Funding Will Support Improvements to West Shore Trail In The Town of Geddes And The Design of A Pedestrian Bridge On The Lake’s South West Shoreline

County Executive Joanie Mahoney thanks the Onondaga County Legislators for their support of funding to continue progress on completing the County’s “Loop the Lake” trail system around Onondaga Lake. In her Executive Budget, the County Executive proposed bonding $1.265 million for improvements to the trail’s west shore leg in Geddes as well as funding for the design of a pedestrian bridge over the CSX rail line at the south west shore of the lake.

“Friday’s vote demonstrates that we are all in agreement that the loop the lake trail is a priority for our entire community,” said County Executive Mahoney. “I’d like to thank Chairman McMahon and County Legislator Judy Tassone for their leadership on shepherding this funding resolution through the Legislative process; I look forward to working with the county legislature and our community partners around the lake as we continue to make progress on completing the Loop the Lake trail in the years ahead.”

The Loop the Lake trail begins at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool and ends on the West Side of Onondaga Lake just north of Nine Mile Creek. An extension of the West Shore trail is currently under construction and will be completed in 2013, extending the trail an additional 2.5 miles. When the latest section is complete the trail will stretch 7.5 miles.

The funding approved by the legislature this afternoon will finance the paving improvements on the West Shore trail, some of which was constructed in the 1960’s, as well as finance the County’s efforts to construct a pedestrian bridge over the CSX rail line on the south west shore. The bridge construction would not advance until the Honeywell Corporation completes their lake remediation project, however, work will begin in 2013 on studying viable locations for the bridge, conducting an environmental impact study and bridge design.

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