Onondaga County Parks

Glossary of Surface Conditions

  • Bare Spots (BS) - Areas of exposed underlying trail surface.
  • Corn Snow (CO) - Large ice-like granules.
  • Frozen Granular (FG) - Granular snow which was once wet and which has frozen together forming a rather solid or crusty-textured surface.
  • Hard Pack (HP) - Dense, compressed, harder than packed powder and softer than ice.
  • Ice Patches, Surface (IP, IS) - Hard, glazed surface usually created by freezing rain or old surface snow melting and quickly refreezing, or by ground water seeping up into the snow and freezing.
  • Loose Granular (LG) - Granules similar to rock salt, usually formed after powder snow thaws, refreezes and crystallizes; or an accumulation of sleet.
  • Powder (P) - New snow generally of dry and fluffy consistency. Will not make a snowball easily.
  • Packed Powder (PP) - Loose powder snow compacted by rollers, drags or other mechanical apparatus, or by skier traffic.
  • Spring Conditions (SC) - Characterizes t he wide variety of surface conditions, which result from the alternate freezing and thawing in spring weather.
  • Thin Cover (TC) - The cover that currently exists will decline in quality due to skier traffic and may break through to the underlying trail surface. Bare spots are anticipated to develop in the area.
  • Variable (V) - A wide variety of conditions, which can not accurately or completely be described using usual terminology, such as when no single surface type predominates.
  • Windblown (WB) - powder or granular snow blown into drifts in some places, leaving a firmly packed surface.
  • Wet Granular (WG) - Loose or frozen granular snow, which has become wet and soft after a thaw or from a rainfall.
  • Wet Powder (WP) - Powder snow, which has become moist and heavy due to a thaw or rainfall, or fell moist.

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