Nature On Your Own

We miss you...and we know that even though many of you have been enjoying the trails at Beaver Lake on your own, you're missing exploring with, and learning from, our top-notch naturalists and dedicated volunteers. With that in mind, we've put together this page of Who Am I's and a variety of other activities to encourage and nurture your love of nature! We'll be updating this page often, so bookmark it, and we'll see you soon!

Who Am I?

How many can you guess?? To find the answer and get more info, roll over the image and click.

Want MORE birding fun? Of course, you do!

Click here to check out Bird Song Hero - The Song Learning Game for Everyone. Courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Nature is Everywhere!

A collection of interactive websites, activities and crafts for all ages. 

iNaturalist Square3 Make a Bee House Build a BirdfeederIcon6 
 ArborDayTreeicon  Make a Beaver Bank  Plant a Pollinator Garden

Explore Beaver Lake!

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